Our Strategy

Our Strategic Plan

Our first LGBTIQ+ Legal Program Strategy sets out the vision, mission, strategic priorities and enablers of our LGBTIQ+ legal services until December 2022.

It responds to and is informed by the legal needs of the LGBTIQ+ community, the views of key stakeholders, and the broader evidence-base related to LGBTIQ+ legal services.

Read our full  LGBTIQ+ Legal Program Strategy.

Our vision

A fair, safe and inclusive Victoria where every LGBTIQ+ person is treated with dignity and respect before the law.

Our mission

To improve the lives of LGBTIQ+ people in Victoria by providing safe and inclusive legal services and addressing systemic inequality.

Our strategic priorities

Strategic Priority 1

Deliver legal services to those most in need, with a focus on our priority communities, being:

  • Trans and gender diverse people;
  • LGBTIQ+ people impacted by family violence; and
  • People who have experienced discrimination, harassment and/or violence on the basis of their LGBTIQ+ identity.
Strategic Priority 2

Support other organisations to address LGBTIQ+ legal issues, with a focus on community legal centres and organisations that respond to family violence

Strategic Priority 3

Strengthen referral pathways to address the holistic and intersectional needs of LGBTIQ+ people, with a focus on the LGBTIQ+, legal and family violence sectors

Our enablers

Enabler 1

Support the wellbeing and capabilities of our staff

Enabler 2

Increase the voice of the community

Enabler 3

Diversify and maintain funding sources