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In addition to providing legal help, the LGBTIQ Legal Service engages in training, advocacy, law reform and works to build the capacity of the legal sector to work respectfully with LGBTIQ clients, as there is a history of harm caused to the LGBTIQ community at the hands of the police and legal sector.

Resource Downloads

LGBTIQ+ Inclusive Practice Toolkit for Community Legal Centres

The Victoria Law Foundation provided us with funding to create Australia’s first LGBTIQ Inclusive Practice toolkit for legal professionals and the community legal sector, which was launched on February 27 2020, followed by a two hour training session.

Download Toolkit

Report on LGBTIQ community legal need in Victoria

The Victoria Law Foundation provided us with funding to undertake an analysis of legal needs of the LGBTIQ community in Victoria. Two years in the making, the analysis is informed by the experiences of the LGBTIQ Legal Service and its clients, key literature relevant to LGBTIQ legal need and disadvantage, and the knowledge and experiences of other services and organisations the LGBTIQ Legal Service has worked with over the course of the two-year pilot.

Download LGBTIQ Legal Needs Analysis

Watch the 2020 digital launch of the Analysis over Zoom here: