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LGBTIQ Family Violence Referral Resource

Our LGBTIQ Family Violence referral Resources resource is designed to support LGBTIQ+ people who have been affected by family violence to access culturally safe and inclusive support services.

Download the LGBTIQ Family Violence Referral Resource

Report on LGBTIQ+ community legal need in Victoria

The Victoria Law Foundation provided us with funding to undertake an analysis of legal needs of the LGBTIQ+ community in Victoria. Two years in the making, the analysis is informed by the experiences of the LGBTIQ Legal Service and its clients, key literature relevant to LGBTIQ+ legal need and disadvantage, and the knowledge and experiences of other services and organisations the LGBTIQ Legal Service worked with over the course of our initial two-year pilot.

Download LGBTIQ Legal Needs Analysis

Watch the 2020 digital launch of the Analysis over Zoom here: