Discrimination, harassment and violence

Discrimination, harassment and/or violence on the basis of LGBTIQ+ identity

It is unlawful for you to be discriminated against on the basis of personal attributes like sexual orientation, gender identity or HIV status in areas of life such as employment, the provision of services, education or healthcare. Sexual harassment is also prohibited.

If you believe you have been discriminated against or sexually harassed, we can give you advice about your options, and may be able to provide representation in some cases.

LGBTIQ+ communities can also face harassment and violence on the basis of their LGBTIQ+ identity. This includes:

  • Personal safety including violence, threats and stalking.
  • Victims of crime compensation (VOCAT).
  • Change or suppression practices that seek to change or suppress your sexual orientation or gender identity.
  • Discrimination of the basis of your sexual orientation, gender identity, blood-borne virus status or lawful sexual activity.
  • Employment issues such as bullying or harassment at work.

Expungement of Historic Convictions

Victorians can also now apply to expunge historical convictions for homosexual activity that would not be a criminal offence today. We can provide information about the scheme and may be able to help people to lodge an application for expungement.

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