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  • Specialist Community Legal Service For LGBTIQ Communities Receives Vital Government Grant Wed 12 August, 2020 The Victorian Government afforded a funding lifeline to the state’s first and only specialist legal service for LGBTIQ communities, the LGBTIQ Legal Service, just as the Service’s foundation funding was drawing to its conclusion.
  • Victoria’s First LGBTIQ Legal Needs Analysis Fri 17 July, 2020 The LGBTIQ Legal Service is launching its Reflections on LGBTIQ Legal Need report this month. 
  • Roberta Perkins Legal Project Launches Thu 11 June, 2020 Victoria’s first dedicated community legal service program for the trans and gender diverse community is officially launching this month.
  • Change Your ID Day 2020 Thu 14 May, 2020 Victoria’s only free legal service for the LGBTIQ community will host the first ever virtual Change Your ID Day this month.
  • Dean Laidley Statement Mon 4 May, 2020 As a community legal centre that has served the local St Kilda community for over 40 years and as the provider of the LGBTIQ Legal Service (Victoria’s only LGBTIQ+ legal service) we are deeply concerned about events connected with the arrest of Dean Laidley over the weekend.

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Vic Gov set to consider decriminalisation of sex work this year. Last year @StKildaLegal and the team encouraged govt to listen to peer-only orgs that can speak from sex workers’ lived experience to the comprehensive reforms needed across the sector.

Victim-survivors of family violence need greater support, not less.

The Federation believes funding should be sustained to ensure women, children, and families can access the help they need, in spite of increasing rates of domestic and family violence.

Brotherboy is considered to be a culturally, as well as a socially, accepted term to described Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Transgender people who identify as male. #TransDayOfVisibility  #TransIsBeautiful  #TransRightAreHumanRights #DeadlyProud #TransWeekofVisibility

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