What we do

Free legal help

We provide free help for LGBTIQ+ people in Victoria.

We can help if you have:

  • Experienced discrimination, harassment and/or violence on the basis of your LGBTIQ+ identity
  • Been impacted by family violence.
  • Are trans and gender diverse and have a legal issue related to your gender identity.

You can also find out more information about our practice areas:

If you live in Victoria and have a legal issue set out above, then please get in touch to make an appointment.

Ongoing legal representation (casework) is decided on a case-by-case basis. We are unable to take on all matters.

You can see what we do and don’t do in our Casework Guidelines.

Translators and interpreters

We are able to provide phone translation services for languages other than English. Please call TIS National on 131 450 and ask them to call us.

Alternatively, please email us at [email protected] with the language you speak and the number you would like us to call you on, and we will call you with an interpreter during business hours.

What we can’t help with

We can only see you if you have made an appointment. If you need immediate legal help, contact  Victoria Legal Aid on 1300 792 387.

We unfortunately cannot help with everything. You can find out more about what we don’t do in our Casework Guidelines. This includes that we cannot give immigration law advice, including advice about visas.


The LGBTIQ Legal Service can also provide referrals to other community legal centres, private law firms, health services and housing organisations that have expressed a desire to offer safe and inclusive services to the LGBTIQ+ community.

Justice Connect

Justice Connect can help connect people experiencing disadvantage with private lawyers, and can also provide assistance in not-for-profit law for small community groups. Get help here.

Private Lawyers

If you need a referral to a private lawyer, please contact the Law Institute of Victoria on (03) 9607 9550.

Other service providers

Depending on your needs, there are lots of other service providers who might be able to help you, many of which are also free.

Visit our page of recommendations here.